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The Analysis of the Quantum Biofeedback Technology.

The most advanced technology available to measure stresses and imbalances in the body is the scientific consciousness interface operation system (SCIO). This is done through scanning emotional, physical, mental and spiritual vibrations. In bioenergetics stress reduction therapy the best device to use is the quantum SCIO. In order to detect and reduce stress one can use this device. The calibrations on this device measure the fine and subtle electrical and subspace reactions to a group of biological and medical substances.

The energy medicine is the Quantum Xeroid Consciousness Interface (QXCI). This device will read the body’s reactivity to various frequencies and then send back at the frequencies so that they are changes in the body. There is a full diagnostic treatment which is the QXCI/SCIO that accesses the electrical parameters then sends therapy signals via a harness to the body. The best way to search for viruses, fungi and other harms in an individual’s body is by using the QXCI/SCIO biofeedback machine that scans through his or her body completely. For every second this machine uses minuscule electromagnetic pointers into the body which is quantum physics.

The pulses chart the body and its organs hence making a divulge aberrations then the signals are fed back to the QXCI/SCIO machine. This is exclusive of the individual even being conscious of any consequence or any feeling. The machine is based on the arithmetic model on the voltage, amperage, and resistance of the body. The process of screening the body of anti-aging remedy, weight loss remedy, emotional release, hormone levels, mental energy, etc. is less than 5 minutes for the quantum feedback technology. This is similar to other machines in that one have connectors that enable the computer to run the scan and it’s a non-invasive scanning process.

This apparatus will recommend and investigate for the appropriateness of homoeopathic cures as the energy in a person’s body changes every time something is infusing. One of the benefits of this is that it can work with people’s unconscious and subliminal consciousness. Through scanning a person subconscious thoughts this machine can detect the energy of fury, unhappiness, fear, fretfulness, nervousness, e.t.c.

The quantum biofeedback is a self-regulation in which a person is able to manage physiological responses with the help of an information indicator about biological conditions of which, one may not be usually attentive. The reaction responses include muscle tension, skin surface temperature, brain activity, blood pressure, and heart rate. With remedial coaching and practice, the feedback indicator enables patients to turn into lively participants in the therapy or health protection process.

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