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Level 2 EV Charging Station: Streamlining Electric Vehicle Ownership

Owning an electric vehicle is not simply about a desire to stop spending money on gas. With gas prices rising electric vehicle ownership makes sense, but owning an electric vehicle is about much more. Owners of these vehicles are conscious of the effects that human activity are having on the environment and they are willing to take the extra step to make a difference by choosing to drive a zero emissions vehicle. However, there are considerations that owners of electric vehicles have to make that may not be readily apparent to those that are used to driving traditional vehicles. Choosing a proper charging station is a decision that will greatly impact the use and benefit that electric vehicle owners will get out of their vehicles. A level 2 ev charging station is often the perfect fit for electric vehicles owners that are required to use their vehicles on a daily basis.

Level 2 ev charging stations are capable of 18kw and 75 Amp output and are recommended to be installed in the homes of electric vehicle owners by their manufacturers. These stations will draw on the home’s electricity to power the automobile. The power generated by these stations is more than necessary for daily vehicle use by the average family in the average city. Furthermore, these charging stations require less time to charge the vehicle, meaning that their convenience factor will often outweigh any concerns about the price difference between level 1 and 2 charging stations. Where the level 1 charging station may take 20 hours to charge a vehicle a level 2 station can accomplish this task in as little as four hours. This means that an overnight charge is more than sufficient for those who have level 2 stations.

Newer level 2 charging stations can be paired with the owner’s smartphone so that the owner is always aware of where the vehicle is at in the charging process. If the owner needs to make changes to the charging process they can do so from the comfort of their home or office with their smartphone, eliminating the need to constantly move back and forth from the garage to monitor the progress of the charge. For those who desire to program the times that the vehicle is charged this can be done very easily from their devices. This makes electric car ownership may simple than it has ever been.

Level 2 charging stations are also energy efficient. While no form of transportation can operate without some environmental impact, the level 2 station minimizes this impact. Electric vehicle owners who purchased their vehicles out of a sense of duty to protect the environment will be pleased to know that their charging station is friendlier to the environment than others. Furthermore, there are often state and federal tax credits that may be available for those who decide to purchase level 2 charging stations. Those interested in taking advantage of these credits should consult their local tax regulations to see if they qualify for the credits.