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Benefits of Buying Used Cars: How to Do It Correctly

In today’s age, transportation plays a huge role in the functionality of everyday life. Approximately 84% of all American households own at least one vehicle. While there are many justifications for purchasing new cars, there are also many reasons for considering a used vehicle. Aside from significantly saving money, used car buyers can also benefit from a dealership’s certified pre-owned (CPO) program. A certified pre-owned vehicle is typically a car recently off of a lease, with all of the maintenance up to date, low mileage and highly cared for. While many potential buyers may be weary of a vehicle’s reliability if it’s used and not a CPO, cars today simply last longer. According to IHS Automotive, the average American-road driven car reached a record breaking 11.5 years of age, with that number estimated to rise to over 12 years by the year 2020. Additionally, used cars have a much lower payment tax than newer vehicles, are cheaper to insure and in some states cost less to register. With all of the benefits contributed to used-car buying, many shoppers aren’t too enamored with meeting strangers from sites like Craigslist, which is why they usually end up at an authorized dealer instead. However, when buying a used car from a dealer, here’s what you should expect and consider.

Initially, a buyer must set a budget. You should always be knowledgeable of how the transaction is going to go, financed or bought in full for an example. Additionally, since many dealerships sell their vehicles through sites like eBay, you should head to eBay and research how much similar cars have sold for within the last 30 days. This is an important step in the research process because dealerships typically don’t like to keep cars in their inventory for extended periods of time, and researching will also give you negotiation advantages. It’s a very simple task to research vehicles of interest even with the abundance of options. A simple google search can read used Nissan Altima for sale Queens NY for an example, will show plenty of results. Another tip is to visit Kbb.com, also known as Kelly Blue Book, where you can input the vehicle’s basic information such as miles year and condition, to get an estimated value. Furthermore, you should always account for unexpected expenses and fees such as registration and documentation fees.

Always run a vehicle history report as well by entering the vehicle’s VIN number into vehicle history sites. Dealerships who are reluctant to provide a VIN number generally pose a red flag and those vehicles should be avoided. Vehicles should also always have a valid and up to date inspection for many reasons including safety and emissions purposes.

When a pleasing vehicle is allocated, you should first contact the dealer or seller to initially establish a relationship and gather necessary vehicle information. It is important to get in contact with the seller first in the event of an unmentioned detail in the advertisement. If everything is sound, you should schedule an appointment to test drive the car. If the vehicle is still of interest, then you can start to negotiate. It’s always a great tactic to negotiate after discussing the vehicle’s details. There are many helpful negotiating tactics and strategies available online to help you secure a reliable, clean and a fair deal on your dream used car.